The Australian Cobberdog

Looking for a best friend, one that will be the biggest goof ball and clown and make you laugh, and on the other hand gaze deeply into your soul with the prettiest eyes? One that loves cuddles, being near and belly rubs? One that will go with you everywhere? Well, the Australian Cobberdog does all this, and more. You don’t just get a dog, you get a best friend, a cobber, for life.

The Australian Cobberdog is such a versatile breed, one that will go with you everywhere, doing almost everything. Running, skiing, hiking, boating, training or simply just relaxing, they can join in on all the fun. Cobberdogs are superb athletes with light footed graceful movements that make them appear to be floating above the ground.  They are great in Agility and other Dog Sports or in any endeavour where close communication with their humans is an asset.

Their sensitive intuition and unique seeking of eye contact, with the love of training, also makes these dogs ideal for therapy and service dogs, as well as a child friendly family companion.

The Cobberdog’s have a beautiful non-doggy smelling, low-shedding and allergy friendly coat which gains them easy access to places where other dogs are not welcome. And it is an added plus for those with allergies which are normally triggered by other dogs.

Even though the Australian Cobberdog may seem like the perfect dog, it is important to know that to get a near perfect companion, it requires a lot of work, love and training. A dog is never a quick fix. We can give you a good starting point in a puppy, one that has potenially many great qualities, but the rest is up tp their new families. Socialization, time, patience, boundaries, safety, training and a whole lot of love is some very key ingredients in raising a puppy to become an all round confident, sturdy and sound dog.

The Australian Cobberdog comes in three sizes:

Miniature: over 33cm and no taller then 42cm
Medium: over 42cm and no taller then 51 cm
Standard: over 51 cm and no taller then 61cm

For more information about the breed standard, pleace take a look at this link:
Australian Cobberdog breed standard

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Australian Cobberdog breed colours