Puppy bonanza!

My plan was to often write a post in the dog blog, but as I see my last post was from 2018, I totally failed at that! But life just runs by and often a good plan never sees the light of day.

Magnolia has had a few good years now, blooming at it’s best. In 2021 we had two litters and that was the first year we have had so many puppies. Both Bella and Cleo had litters.

2022 we have started of with a litter of 11!! Bella’s daughter from her first litter, Freya, has had her first litter and this tiny girl was carrying 11 babies! X-ray said 10, so after a 15 hour labour I went to bed after nr. 10. My husband were to keep an eye on Freya and her babies and ooops, there pops nr. 11 out with a splash. They are one week old now and doing great.

Many might think breeding is a simple, care free job, but I for sure can tell you it is not. Puppies often come at night, so one starts of the whole puppy period sleep deprived. It is a constant job checking that mom and pups are doing good. She needs to be fed several times a day, fresh water served in the litterbox. Are puppies to hot, to cold, is moms temperature rising to high. What you don’t want is for mom to get sick, either with a uterus infection or mastitis in the breast tissue. I kind of hold my breath until they are 3 weeks. Then I know they can eat solid food and we are in the clear, even though things can still turn in an instant. And when things go smoothly it is quit the bliss getting all this puppy love and puppy breath, a small piece of heaven if you ask me.

And for the breeder, the real job starts when they are 3-4 weeks old. Then we will socialize them, introduce them to the world, take them out and about, clean massive amounts of poo and pee, and make sure they go to loving homes that will give them the best life possible.

You may wonder why we choose to do this, and I can only speak for myself, but the chance to create something that will make such a huge positive difference in peoples lives, is really a good feeling. Life is so much better with a dog in it, and if I do my job right, focusing on health and temperament, my grandbabies will make great versitile companions that are around for many many years, spreading joy and unconditional love.

When dreams are broken!

Summer is almost over and it has been quite a sad one for Kennel Magnolia. After months of showing different symptoms, Dessie has tested positive for allergies. Dessie is allergic to indoor allergens like dust mites and one type of fungus.

The reality of this is that we can not use her in our breeding, as allergies are hereditary and she can then pass it on to her offspring. Many would propably still use her, but I don’t think it is ethical to do so. At Kennel Magnolia, great health and great temperament is what we breed against, and seeing how it has affected her, I would not wish it upon any other dog.

My heart is truly broken about this! We worked so hard to get her here, she was our first breeding dog and was going to have her first litter in spring 2019.

It is also a huge loss for the breed, as she has the best temperament and has tested negative to all other diseases.

Dessie will soon start immune therapy medicine, an effective treatment with no side effects. It will not cure it, but should give her a symptom free life.


Busy times!

Time just flew by with 8 puppies and suddenly they were all off to their new families. Feedback from the families is that they are all doing well and that they are all lovely. This was my first litter and since I haven’t done this before I was scared that I would do something wrong when trying to help them grow into lovely little characters. But seems I have done much the right way, which is such a good feeling!

We found them utterly super cute with great loving personalities. Cheerished every moment with them. So rewarding that they now are out and about giving families so much love and happiness.



Photoshoot and puppies!

Had huge hopes I would be able to write posts more often, but with three kids and two dogs I kind of have my hands full all the time. But I have a goal of becoming better at it :-).

All is going well with the girls. Dessie has settled in great and Molly loves her! Really could not have hoped for things to have gone better.

The other day we had a photoshoot of them, to get pictures to use on our website and on Facebook. We had an indoor shoot first and will do outside pictures tomorrow. The pictures turned out great!! See for yourself below. My girls are beautiful, both inside and out!

I have waited a long time for this, but finally it is my turn to have puppies in the house!! Molly is in heat now and will be mated next week. So, so excited!! Crossing my fingers that it all will go as planned! More to come on that!


Welcome home, sweetie!

The drive home from the airport was long, but she was so tired she melted on to my lap and fell a sleep. IMG_0096

When we drove up the drive way, Molly, my kids and hubby came out to meet us. All very excited to see her and wondering how she will like her new home and new room mates.

It has gone beyond imagination and she has blended right in with us, like she has always been a part of our lives.

Every day she becomes more and more confidant and playful, loving her new sister and her sister clearly loving her new companion.


She is here!

It is with the biggest pleasure and a huge smile on my face I can tell you that Dessie has finally arrived!!

The last weeks have been pretty nerve wrecking waiting for her day of departure and her day of arrival. Getting her here hasn’t been a walk in the park, we have conquered a lot of hurdles, and the final leg of the journey was no less thrilling. Would everything be ok, would her papers be correct and would she pass the final inspection upon arrival?

Her flight from Dubai landed at 1230 local time the 14th of September and I made sure to be at the airport at the same time. Nerves flying high and almost feeling sick with worry, we were told that it could take a few hours until we heard anything. Oh my, more waiting!! Those 120 minutes were the longest I have experienced, ever!!! A part from maybe a child birth or three :D.

Pacing up and down outside and inside Cargo, constantly looking at the clock. Finally they waved us in and gave me the thumbs up, she had passed and were finally a norwegian citizen!!

I will admit I then screamed out loud, jumped for joy and shed a few tears of pure happiness!