This is Cleo (Nordic Cobbers Melody). She was born in Finland 12th of July 2019. She was one of four in the litter and quickly caught my eye. There is just something about some puppies that just touches you and you just know. She was one of these puppies. And my intuition was right, she is not only drop dead gorgeous with her deep, vibrant colour, she has a matching personality, not too tough, and not too skittish, just perfect. She has a deep dark woof that can scare anyone away, but little do they know this is from a girl who mostly likes to burry her head in your lap or just lean in for a cuddle. I waited a long time for Cleo, and when the day finally came October 2019, it was like Christmas eve and New years all at once.


HD-test: Good hips (OFA)
AD: Negative (OFA)
Eyes: Clear
DNA: Clear (tested for 192 genetic conditions)