We are delighted to announce that we have a new girl in the family! Her name is Cleo (Nordic Cobber’s Melody) and she is from Finland. She is such a sweet girl with a nice calm temperament. I spotted her early in the litterbox and my heart fell hard for her. So happy when I knew she would come to us!

After loosing Dessie to allergies I thought long and hard about what to do next. And after a long time in limbo I decided I would try and find a new addition to our family. I reached out to Tapio at Nordic Cobbers and lucky for me they had a litter on its way. Even though puppies are born, one does not know at once if there is a suitable prospect. There is a waiting game to see what comes out and how they develop. Cleo stood out from the start and we have high hopes for this lovely girl and can’t wait to see what she grows to be.

She is a big girl already weighing 13 kilos, and taller then Molly, so she will propably be a big girl  :-).


HD-test: Good hips (OFA)
AD: Negative (OFA)
Eyes: Clear
DNA: Clear (tested for 192 genetic conditions)