The Stud

After getting two girls in a row, it was about time Kennel Magnolia got it’s first stud. The search started back in april/may 2018 when a litter was born in Belgium with Liesbeth Roelants at kennel My cobber, my dog. This tiny cute little raven boy caught my eye and I knew instantly he would be a superb stud. After sweet talking Liesbeth for a while, I got the OK that he could be mine!!

Weeks have passed with us looking at lovely pictures of him and on the 1st of August 2018 me and my son drove down to Belgium to get him. It was a long drive, but soooo worth it, cause he is just so lovely, calm, secure and sweet! He is slowly getting along great with the other girls, them still thinking he is on holiday here :D.

His name here is Kenzo and his litter name is My cobber, my dog Ash the Hedgehog. His parents are Belle (Paris Malefique) and Joep (Raisdoodles My Teddy). Kenzo will be a medium raven boy and he can produce different colors when mated.

Can’t wait to see how he develops, but one thing is for sure, future is looking bright at Kennel Magnolia :D.

Eyes: Clear
HD: B (A and B is free of HD)
DNA: Clear by parentage

Kenzo 1 year old:

He has turned into such a lovely boy with a great temperament! He gets praise everywhere he goes for being such a nice boy. He now lives in a guardian home with the sweetest lady! The two of them were meant to be <3!

Kenzo as puppy: