Sweet, sweet Bella (Spring Hills Sunlit Zara) arrived to us from Australia on the 22nd of February 2018 and has instantly blended in with the other girls and we love her to bits! Her calm, sweet nature is just lovely. Her favourite thing is just to lean in for a hug and some cuddles.

I have always loved the red or golden red color of the Australian Cobberdog. So a goal of mine was to get a red og golden red girl into our family. I had secretly been admiring Secret, a lovely golden red girl that Renae Taylor of Spring Hills Australian Cobberdogs has in her family. When I found out Secret had a litter with the handsome Charlie Wilson, I just had to make contact. Lucky for me they were not all spoken for and Renae was happy to send me a girl. But which girl it would be was not decided until lots of tests were taken to assure I would get a healthy one. I am so happy it was Bella that became the chosen one for us.

Bella is a large medium. Her golden red color is so beatiful and whenever we meet people, they always comment on her lovely color.

HD-test: FREE (A)
DNA: Carrier of DM, rest CLEAR (DM stands for Degenerative Myelopathy)

Genetics: Being a carrier is not a problem as long as one is not mated to another carrier. Which of course would never happen to Bella as our stud, Kenzo, is not a carrier. For puppies to be affected they must get one copy of the gene from each parent.

Bella 18 months old:
She has turned into a wonderful lady! Still cheeky and goofy at 18 months, but so lovable and can’t get enough of cuddles and belly rubs. Such a sweetheart, love her to bits!

Bella 5 months old: 


Bella’s parents are Tegan’s Sunlit Secret and Spring Hills Charlie Wilson.

When she arrived, she blended right in with all of us!