Dessie is my destiny! When I decided I wanted to buy a breading dog, I contacted Beverly Rutland Manners at Rutlands Australian Cobberdogs, the co-founder of the breed. She helped me get started, and after establishing my kennel with the MDBA, she set me up for a puppy from a litter due in august 2017. A sunny day in July the same year I opened Facebook and found a post on Beverley’s account. A sweet baby girl from another litter born on the 9th of May had become available due to bad timing for the original family. My heart skipped a beat! This was the litter I had been secretly admiring and she was drop dead gorgeous. Since she had not been de-sexed yet, Beverley felt it was her destiny to go to a breeder. I mediately sent a very eager message, and Beverley very calmly told me to check my e-mail. There she had offered me this precious caramel baby girl and I was over the moon, jumping with joy and even shedding a few tears of pure happiness.

She bears the name Rutlands Carinas Destiny, a name I am utterly proud of.

Dessie is such a sweet girl with a mild, calm temperament. She comes from theraphy lines and that shines through her personality.

Unfortunently, Dessie developed allergies and is no longer in our breeding program as I don’t think it is ethical to breed an allergic dog. She is now living with a lovely guardian family who loves her very much.

Dessie at 7 months:


Dessie at 5 months:


Dessie at 2 months

Dessie’s mother is Rutlands Adeline and her father is Rutlands Lil Zephyr