She is here!

It is with the biggest pleasure and a huge smile on my face I can tell you that Dessie has finally arrived!!

The last weeks have been pretty nerve wrecking waiting for her day of departure and her day of arrival. Getting her here hasn’t been a walk in the park, we have conquered a lot of hurdles, and the final leg of the journey was no less thrilling. Would everything be ok, would her papers be correct and would she pass the final inspection upon arrival?

Her flight from Dubai landed at 1230 local time the 14th of September and I made sure to be at the airport at the same time. Nerves flying high and almost feeling sick with worry, we were told that it could take a few hours until we heard anything. Oh my, more waiting!! Those 120 minutes were the longest I have experienced, ever!!! A part from maybe a child birth or three :D.

Pacing up and down outside and inside Cargo, constantly looking at the clock. Finally they waved us in and gave me the thumbs up, she had passed and were finally a norwegian citizen!!

I will admit I then screamed out loud, jumped for joy and shed a few tears of pure happiness!

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