Photoshoot and puppies!

Had huge hopes I would be able to write posts more often, but with three kids and two dogs I kind of have my hands full all the time. But I have a goal of becoming better at it :-).

All is going well with the girls. Dessie has settled in great and Molly loves her! Really could not have hoped for things to have gone better.

The other day we had a photoshoot of them, to get pictures to use on our website and on Facebook. We had an indoor shoot first and will do outside pictures tomorrow. The pictures turned out great!! See for yourself below. My girls are beautiful, both inside and out!

I have waited a long time for this, but finally it is my turn to have puppies in the house!! Molly is in heat now and will be mated next week. So, so excited!! Crossing my fingers that it all will go as planned! More to come on that!


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