When dreams are broken!

Summer is almost over and it has been quite a sad one for Kennel Magnolia. After months of showing different symptoms, Dessie has tested positive for allergies. Dessie is allergic to indoor allergens like dust mites and one type of fungus.

The reality of this is that we can not use her in our breeding, as allergies are hereditary and she can then pass it on to her offspring. Many would propably still use her, but I don’t think it is ethical to do so. At Kennel Magnolia, great health and great temperament is what we breed against, and seeing how it has affected her, I would not wish it upon any other dog.

My heart is truly broken about this! We worked so hard to get her here, she was our first breeding dog and was going to have her first litter in spring 2019.

It is also a huge loss for the breed, as she has the best temperament and has tested negative to all other diseases.

Dessie will soon start immune therapy medicine, an effective treatment with no side effects. It will not cure it, but should give her a symptom free life.


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